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"A Man Dies When He Refuses To Stand Up
Article by Cindy Rose

Although Martin Luther King, Jr. never said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” he did say “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice.

A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.” Photo credit to Washington Post Kevin Caldwell"


Check out this article written by Cindy Stickline-Rose a writer for the 

The Issues

(more to come)


Government Reform & transparency.


Let us call the whistleblower. We the American people deserve the facts & truth from our government. I call on Congress to have open public hearings. Let us start at the beginning of all this that led to the impeachment — no Captial basement meetings this time. 100% open public drag it all out into the street hearings. Admittedly it will require different members of Congress.


I want to hear from the whistleblower. 

Then I want to hear from other whistleblowers I know — REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS, not one produced by an intelligence operation. 

I will fight for real Gov. transparency. I will stand up to bring their stories to light. Yes, we have people right here in the CD6 that our Gov. has trampled & abused. They have been denied justice so that our Gov. can cover up its own crimes & ones committed by its officials. What is happening & what has happened to our President is the same thing that has happened to millions of our very own citizens. 


If elected, I will call for real hearings on the "Spygate" scandal. If those in power used agencies within our government as weapons against us, We the American people not only deserve. We need to know. We NEED to DEMAND we know. Let us have the courage to go where ever the truth takes us. If that ends up being a lawful and truthful impeachment trail, then so be it. Let that be the FINAL trial we hold AFTER we have brought justice to everyone else involved from start to finish. 


In 2020 we have the opportunity to drain the swamp. By exposing it all, "We The People" have an excellent opportunity to bring America together & begin to restore some faith in or Gov.&, more importantly, in one another.  This will not happen if we do the same thing we have done many times before either by re-electing our current Rep. or (in the words of Dr. Thomas Sowell)  "if we take a member of one swamp & move them to another. "


Our President has already shown he is willing to risk it all for three-plus years. I will stand up & lay my support for him & America on the line. If we are ever to get the truth, we will need those who not only seek it but will risk it all to bring it to light. I am one who will walk that path where ever it may lead. 


We have been victims of our Governments lies for far too long. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, we can never let our Gov. be used as a weapon against others simply because we do not agree with them. Once we dehumanize one another & see causing suffering to another for political differences as a virtue, we have lost all sight of the American Dream. Our most basic link must be beyond just that, "We all breathe the same air." We must never allow causing suffering to another for political differences to be seen as a Virtue. Let us not trade our Classical American virtues for ones of the social justice ideology. It is not the voice we all agree with that needs protecting. It is the ones we disagree with the most.  


I promise to fight to protect all Americans form our Gov. & from one another. I do this for my own freedom as well for I understand that my ability to exercise liberty is directly connected to yours. If any citizen among us is unable to exercise liberty, eventually, we will all be destined to the same fate.  


The Opioid (Heroin, Fentanyl) Addiction Epidemic


The solution will have to be a full scale integrated one that comes from all sectors of our community Gov. local, state & fed, health care providers, non-profits, community support groups, and the individual citizens.  


This is not an issue where we can afford to measure our compassion by the amount spent. We need real results to help restore the fabric of our society “The American Family.” We must decide as a community that we can & will conquer this illness & then set ourselves to the task of doing so. 

Gov. at all levels must remove barriers that hinder the delivery of treatment to patients.

Treat Addiction first. 


We have many veterans who suffer from this illness as well.  I am fully committed to you my brothers in arms. 

I will have legislation that I will submit my first 100 days in office to help address funding for this issue at all levels.  




    Since 1965 the Fed Gov. has cycled through an endless series of programs & trillions of dollars under the belief that the increased resources equal improved outcomes. History has shown this to be a seriously flawed approach. State & district school systems have become protected monopolies as such they perform as all monopolies do, low-quality services at high prices.


States & local districts must be allowed to operate as laboratories of democracy. No one-sized coast-to-coast model solution will fit for every district.


We must continue to turn over more control of our children's education to parents. I will submit & support legislation that begins to return control of the $80 plus billion the Fed. Gov. spends on K-12 education to parents. I will stand up & fight for your school choice in all of our communities. 


    I will stand up for your Home School Choice.

For those who chose to home school their children, if elected, I will work to establish Home School Co-ops throughout every county in CD6. 

There is a deeper, more fundamental reason we must always retain control of the education of our children. The more educated (ability to think critically  and or conscious one becomes, the more likely one is to question how things are &, more importantly, question "who decides

"how" things should be." 


My interview with Professor

Walter E. Williams

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Jan 20, 2020 Leading VA 2A Rally